Whaling in Iceland

I don't generally use this blog to spread word about causes that are important to me.

But in this case I feel like I cannot not play my part in spreading the word.

Whales (and all animals actually)  have alway been and will always have a huge

place in my heart.  Being half Icelandic, I have had to endure many a debate with

Icelandic relatives and friends who in the past and also sometimes now, see nothing

wrong in whaling.  It has been a tradition for a very long time and I remember vividly

driving past whaling stations and seeing the results of the slaughter which I will never

 forget. I was often made to feel like some kind of Greenpeace Eco-Maniac, because I 

felt so strongly about this issue and did not hold back in getting my opinion across, 

even as a child. 

Now in 2013 it seems that Iceland may be beginning to realise that whaling has no 

place in this century.  The methods of slaughter are absolutely horrendous and it is

 heartbreaking to watch.  The suffering of these magnificent creatures could not be

worse and it absolutely has to stop.  Please please do something today which could

help put this barbaric, old fashioned, intolerable cruelty in the past.  Iceland has an

amazingly modern, civilised society that is so proud of its amazing nature.  The pride

 in their nature needs to be extended into the sea!

AND now they are even talking about a whale sanctuary! What a potential turn around!

Please go to this link or click the image and it will take you through to the petition site.

Thank you so much!




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