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I am so excited that the appliances are arriving today.  It sounds silly even to me as I don't really love to cook, but I like the option to cook.  Options and choices that seems to be a huge part of this kitchen remodeling thing.  I had a hard time picking appliances.  I knew in my heart what I wanted but things change as you design spaces and figure out your needs {likes, dislikes and budget}.  I knew I wanted a Viking cook top but had planned on sticking with our double wall ovens that were in the original kitchen layout.  Little did I know that the cost of those ovens {used once a year} was triple what I wanted to spend.  So I opted for the 36" Viking range.  I cannot wait to see it in it's new spot and feel like a real cook {ha ha} when I use it.  
I will send over some cookies from the first batch!
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